"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rainbow Fruit

This is todays offering to the  painting Muses - I still had my palette out today that I used for yesterday's painting - Primary Pomegranate - and couldn't resist doing another oil painting with the paint I had left. The funny thing is -it doesn't look at all like yesterday's painting. 
(see http://www.barbsdailycreations.blogspot.com/)

This is 6" x 6" and is painted on a canvas panel.


AutumnLeaves said...

I think this may well be my favorite of all fruit paintings, ever, Barb! I think this is truly beautiful and I love that muted palette!

Studio at the Farm said...

This really is lovely, Barb. The colors, the line edging .. just elegant and pleasing to the eye1

Barb Sailor said...

AutumnLeaves - thank you so much - you have just made my day!!!f

Barb Sailor said...

Thanks Studio! The line edging comes from the process I use - I draw it first with a #2 round bristle using a mixture of ultra-marine blue and burnt umber. Then when I paint I leave some of the outline showing. I am pleased you like it!
You asked some time ago about Fabriano watercolor paper - I just found some from Dick Blick, if you are interested.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What gorgeous colours you had left over! Love the way you softly outlined each fruit and the very dark shadow corner is so brave.

Barb Sailor said...

Joan - I was happy with the colors too. Actually I drew the painting first with a #2 round brush and a mixture of burnt umber and ultra blue and then did the painting leaving some of the drawing. I was hoping the dark shadow would work okay! I tend to be too bold sometimes - there is nothing subtle about me!