Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Am The Diva Weekly Challenge #178: Duo-Tangle

The challenge this week is to create a duo-tangle using tangles that begin with the first letter of your first and last name.  Since my name is Barb Sailor,  I had to find patterns that began with B and S.  I chose Boomerang and Sparkle.  

I worked on a 5" x 5" square piece of good white drawing paper and did my design mostly in .005 Micron Pigma black pen and poppy red Prismacolor colored pencil.  I also did some shading with a black colored pencil.  I tried to get this design symmetrical, but failed - oh well!  I enjoyed doing it anyway...I have to get over being such a perfectionist!!! lol

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Courtney Kay's Awesome Bloom

This painting will be our lesson for Monday night's watercolor class.  This   flower painting is taken from a beautiful photo taken by our neighbor, Courtney Kay Gasson.  She recently won honors for the photo at the Shelby County Fair in Shelby County, Ohio, and graciously allowed me to use it as the source photo for my painting.

The painting is 9" x 12" and is painted on 140 lb. cold-pressed Canson watercolor paper with mostly Holbein watercolors.  I know my watercolor family will enjoy painting this one.
Courtney's Beautiful Photograph

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I Am The Diva challenge this week is to design a Zentangle using the tangle "Truffle!"

For this I used a chip of grey mat board 4 1/2 " x 5", and MicronPigma black pens and then shaded with Prismacolor colored  pencils.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Northwoods Bait Shop

A good friend has a home in the northwoods of Wisconsin - I have visited there often and definitely appreciate the beauty of that area.  When I heard of this bait shop on Star Lake, I asked her if she would consider a mission to find it and take many pictures of it so I could do some paintings of it.  She proved that it was not a "mission impossible" and sent me some beautiful photographs.  This is the first painting from those photos and I am going to use it as a lesson for my watercolor class tomorrow evening.

The painting is 9" x 12" and is painted on 140 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper with the new Golden QoR watercolors.  They are so wonderful to work with - I am really getting spoiled.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Old Gnarled Tree

I thought I would use the rest of the strong coffee and do another BYOB Zentangle.  I painted the tree with extremely strong coffee.  The mixture of the coffee with the light blue mat board makes it look browner than I ever figured it would be.  I decided to use Nebula for the sky since it looks like it might be night.  I don't know what I used for the tree since, as I have said, I am new to Zentangle and don't know the names of the tangles.  This is 6 1/2 inches by 4 inches approximately and is also on a chip of mat board.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Am The Diva Challenge 176: BYOB

This week’s challenge is to  B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Beverage—to the tangling session and utilize it in  our art. From coffee to Kool Aid, cola to cabernet, the choice is  ours! Cocoa, tea, Gatorade, chocolate shake, kale smoothie, cranberry juice—surely something will quench  our creativity!  

I decided to use coffee - in my case, instant coffee.  I used a chip of creamy mat board and applied the coffee with a paint brush in circles.  Unfortunately, my coffee wasn't strong enough, so I made another cup, a lot stronger and once more applied it with a brush in solid circles.

Then I applied blobs of ink and blew at it with a straw to form a loose abstract pattern.  I then filled in areas with a Micron Pigma black pen (.005)  The final touch was to do some   designs in the black areas with a creamy Prismacolor colored pencil.  The Zentangle is approx 6" x 5".

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Am the Diva Challenge #175: Crux

The challenge this week is to use the tangle "Crux" in your Zentangle.  We were allowed to use another tangle in our composition, so I chose "Tipple" which sort of contrasts with the straight lines in Crux.  I did three variations of Crux and varied the sizes of the Tipple areas.  I also tried to balance my dark and light areas using symmetrical balance.  I used a .005 Pigma pen and a #.08 to fill in areas.  I used a black Prismacolor colored pencil to shade.

I superimposed 3 strings for this design.

If you have seen some of my other Zentangles, you have already figured out that I am very anal and controlled.  I am going to have to work on getting looser and more spontaneous in my tangling.