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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Zentangle (Zendala) Christmas Star

I designed this 3 dimensional Zentangle (or is it Zendala) star today for a project I am working on.  It is approximately 6 inches from side to side and top to bottom.  It was created on card stock with  a Micron Pigma .005 black ink drawing pen.

This tells the Christmas Story featuring the Christ Child in the creche in the middle, then the town of Bethlehem and at the top, the angel with the star above her.  This is going to be an art activity to go along with a short story about the Christmas Star for my church circle.  They will score and fold the star to make it dimensional and then attach the ribbon.


CrimsonLeaves said...

How absolutely stunning this is, Barb. Despite your instructions in your last post with these stars, I still couldn't figure out how you fold these. I love that this star tells the story of Jesus.

Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful star. Thank you for posting about it.

Barb Sailor said...

Sherry - I wish I could spend 5 minutes with you - person to person - and show you how to do this! Experiment! One fold goes up and the next goes down - no two folds can go in the same direction. Hope this helps.
I am glad you like it.

Barb Sailor said...

Thank You Maywyn Studio. Thanks for commenting.