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Friday, August 22, 2008

Watercolor Workshop Projects

Someone brought this fact to my attention - the legs of the herons and egrets do not bend forward - they bend backwards! Soooooooooo - I reworked that area and here is the reworked painting. I promise that this is the last rework for this painting. I am TIRED of it!
"Cool Water"(15"x11") I had finished this painting last week but the more I looked at it the more it bothered me so this week I reworked it. I added the egret and bumped up the colors of the water around it so that it would show up. I put several glazes of watercolor over it until I thought it was deep enough. This painting was done for the Watercolor Workshop August project where everyone paints from the same photograph. This was a WetCanvas photo provided by Gina Hall. The other August project is "waterfalls" and you can do a painting of any waterfall. I have been working on it and hope to have it finished soon.

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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Go Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! This is a seamless reattachment of Mr. Heron's legs, properly bent now. Nice job and I think you can move on with satisfaction now.