"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Watercolor in the Village

This is a semi-abstract painting which I completed in 2005. My attempts at abstraction are few and far-between, but this one did earn an honorable mention. This was inspired by the fact that there had been a 'window peeper' in the neighborhood, and I imagine that was on my mind.
"Here's Looking At You, Baby!"
22"x 30" Well, here we are, 'snowed in' in western Ohio. It should be a good day to paint, but so far I have been busy doing the laundry, cleaning the bath, etc................ We are currently at the 'back end' of the March blizzard of 2008! Lots and lots of snow, wind and drifting! This is a good day to stay in!

I am currently working on a mixed media piece I call 'Lady in the Bathroom Floor!' It is based on an image I see in my bathroom floor. Yes, you heard me, Bathroom Floor! I had an abstract watercolor in shades of violets, roses and blues which is titled 'Lady in waiting' which I hated. I collaged white tissue paper over the top of it and dry brushed white gesso over the surface to just catch the texture and retain the colors showing through the tissue. I now plan to draw my composition and see what happens from there. Another adventure!

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I left a comment when you first put this up, but now it's gone. Hmmmm anyway, its really time for another one - don't you think, little sister?
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