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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Am The Diva Challenge 176: BYOB

This week’s challenge is to  B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Beverage—to the tangling session and utilize it in  our art. From coffee to Kool Aid, cola to cabernet, the choice is  ours! Cocoa, tea, Gatorade, chocolate shake, kale smoothie, cranberry juice—surely something will quench  our creativity!  

I decided to use coffee - in my case, instant coffee.  I used a chip of creamy mat board and applied the coffee with a paint brush in circles.  Unfortunately, my coffee wasn't strong enough, so I made another cup, a lot stronger and once more applied it with a brush in solid circles.

Then I applied blobs of ink and blew at it with a straw to form a loose abstract pattern.  I then filled in areas with a Micron Pigma black pen (.005)  The final touch was to do some   designs in the black areas with a creamy Prismacolor colored pencil.  The Zentangle is approx 6" x 5".


CrimsonLeaves said...

I've used coffee before and I love the color it leaves on the substrate. A wonderful tangle and I'll bet it smells yummy too!

Ginny Stiles said...

Yup…you got it babe. I love it all…the colored pencil, the ink the whole thing. Mine turned out looking like I am working on a dirty tile. ARRRGH. Blueberries do not make a pretty blue stain like I thought they would. Nope. I should have used grape jelly or something. OH no…too sticky. I do believe tea and coffee and wine make good stains. I will go back and see what others picked. I almost didn't post mine but it's good to show the "not so successful" tiles too.
I need to open a good red wine and suck up my disappointment. Hahahaha.