"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is a painting I did of my dear husband, Rock, some time ago, following a watercolor portrait class I attended given by Jane Angelhart. She is such a good painter and instructor and I learned a lot during the class. At the time, Jane was an instructor at the Andreeva Portrait Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She taught us to be very aware of the effect of light on the face and was very adventurous in the use of color. This particular painting is painted on 1/4 sheet of 300 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper. Rock is not nearly as stern as he appears in this painting, but actually it is a look he often has - it is just misleading as to his true character, which is very sweet and loving. :)


Barbra Joan said...

Excellent portrait Barbara. It is not always easy to capture that one expression that seems to say "its this person."

Cindi said...

wow this is wonderful... really nice portrait.. great lighting for shadows and highlights!! thanks for sharing!!

Barbara Sailor said...

Barbra Joan...thanks for commenting about the expression - because- although he looks grumpy in this painting, this is his usual stern expression - I guess just the way his face is in composure and I am glad you recognized this...he is a great guy! :)

Cindi...I also was happy with the light and shadows - thanks for recognizing this. When I took the photo for the painting, I had him sit in front of the window with the inside lights off and just the outside light hitting the side of his face. I think this allowed me to see the real contours of his face.

Ginny Stiles said...

Hi Barb...I am back from CA and am just filled with the sights and sounds of the Pacific Coast! I am trying to catch up with all my favorite posts...yours is one of them, of course. I like the portrait...I am not good at them at all but I think I could be if I would do it more often and work on it. I have had only one portrait class and loved it. But am drawn to florals, landscapes, and still lifes. Yes, he does look a little stern but I can see that is just an "expression" and if it is a normal one for him..that what you should paint!